Lots of pictures from organ rallies around the world, including:

COAA Rallies

Great Dorset Steam Fair

Waldkirch Organ Festival

Bumbling Bruder Tour IV

Lincoln Steam Fair

The following are organizations I belong to that support the mechanical music hobby. I'd encourage you to visit their web sites if you'd like to learn more about these great machines.

Interested in seeing carousel or fairground organs in person? Click here to link to the Carousel Organ Association of America, sponsor of band organ rallies across the US during the summer months.

MBSI chapters also sponsor organ rallies, as well as being one of the largest groups of collectors of music boxes and other mechanical music items. Click here to learn more about the MBSI.

The Fair Organ Preservation Society is one of the premier organizations in Britain dedicated to these wonderful machines

MOOS, or the Mechanical Organ Owner's Society is a UK-based group that publishes a very informative magazine.

While not an organization in the same sense as those listed above, the Mechanical Music Digest contains a wealth of information and is an invaluable source of friendly advice

 Mechanical Music Digest

Another source for conversation and lots of information on fairground organs is iMOD:

Also see the Mechanical Organ forum



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